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Fichier rpm et aérofrein pour falcon AF

Publié : jeu. mai 17, 2018 5:57 am
par jaytolkte
So have you ever heard of table tennis?

For some, Table Tennis is just a substitute for the grass-and-sun theme of "regular" tennis courts, and for others, Table Tennis is a competitive sport on its right. No matter which category you fall into, Table Tennis certainly has something to offer you.

Table tennis is played on a hard board divided by a very soft net. It is very fast paced and requires not only quick reflexes but also a bit of strategy as well. To understand where strategies come into play, a brief discussion of basic gameplay is necessary.


Table tennis includes a small, light ball and two paddles. To choose the first waiter, there is either a coin toss or a referee hiding the ball in one hand, and the guessing player whose ball hand is in is to serve. After the ball is given, it must pass through the opponent's side once, where the opponent can then return the ball to the other side. If for some reason, the opponent does not return the ball to the other side, a point is awarded. The article I really like, it helped me make a personal choice about choosing a best table tennis paddle You can read it if you want.

Strategy goes into play when it comes to serving and returning. The serving is usually quick since the only rule is that it must make it through the opposite side of the table and return it. The server can thus add a bit of 'Spin' to the ball, reducing their opponent's ability to predict where the ball will land accurately. Many games have been won using this method - the machines The owner will hit the ball at an angle that will mount the spin to the ball, and the opponent will miss the opportunity to return because they were in the wrong place. Fighting between skillful players, it gets harder and harder, down to time, skill, and calm under pressure.


For non-competition, Table Tennis is also a great sport to play year round, rain or shine. The rules are simple enough that even beginners can buy an inexpensive paddle set and hang out with a few friends. Table tennis is quick to learn and has caught the attention of millions worldwide. Isn't it time you pick up a cheap table tennis set and catch a fever?

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Re: Fichier rpm et aérofrein pour falcon AF

Publié : jeu. mai 17, 2018 6:48 am
par Mad Fly
Je déplace le post dans le forum idoine

Re: Fichier rpm et aérofrein pour falcon AF

Publié : jeu. mai 17, 2018 11:54 am
par DeeJay
jaytolkte a écrit :fichier qui envoie un signal sonore quand les aérofreins sont actif,
-> ... 3.rar?dl=0

Avec ça, pas moyen des les oublier.