Choose an airport in flight.

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Choose an airport in flight.


Message par tony77 » mar. avr. 16, 2019 2:27 pm

Hi everybody.
I am freshly new to BMS. I come from DCS FC3 with a mastery only on RU devices (Su25 / 27/33). In other words, have to see everything again! : Huh:
I have a few questions from beginners and I admit to having a bit of trouble because the practice is often different from the explanations in PDF manuals and Youtube videos.

I train with the basic mission "RAMP & START" based on Kunsan. FetLife

My first question: How to get a vector to another base?
Because once in the air, if I add the coordinates of Seoul for example, (Channel, ILS Freq Runway etc ...) knowing that the TACAN is accessible only from 25 Miles, I'm chocolate!
Can we contact an Awacs to ask him to give us a vector to a TACAN?

Subsidiary Question: Where can I find a document that explains ALL of the DED screens?
Especially when I try to add a WP via its GPS coordinates (INS screen). I still have a digit 0 in front of the coordinates I do not understand why ... Can not enter all the numbers.

Thank you for reading and reading,
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Re: Choose an airport in flight.


Message par Flow » mar. avr. 16, 2019 3:49 pm

Hi !

This is mainly a french forum, for all BMS related questions in english I believe you'll find more help on the BMS forums :

As for the DED pages, they are described in the -1 manual, starting on page #62 "1.3 UP FRONT CONTROLS"

You can't ask vectors to a specific base, you can just use TACAN navigation to go where you need to go if you want, or as you said, type the coordinates in your DED to do waypoint navigation.

Good luck with this fantastic sim :)

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